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WHY attend Convention?

The POMOMC Convention gives members a chance to meet mothers from across the state of Pennsylvania with twins, triplets, and quadruplets. MORE moms with MORE experiences and MORE advice! You can join any online group you want, but the friendships you build with real, live people is different.  There are workshops and fun activities to attend, business meetings, and a chance to relax and regain yourself. 

Said one dad, "My wife came back with her toes painted and a happier person. Remind me if I ever complain about her going."

Two moms met at the luncheon, one from the east, one from the west. A rapport was begun and years grew it into a friendship.They stayed at each other's houses for college visits on the west and the east. Lifelong friendship for moms AND their kids!  


2024 Convention- April 25-27

hosted by: SHOPMOMS

theme: Treat Yourself

hosting hotel: The Landing Hotel Pittsburgh

All Cranberry MOM members are welcome to attend the Pennsylvania Organization Mothers of Multiples Club (POMOMC). Registration packets are distributed after the POMOMC November Board Meeting and returned with check in January to Cranberry MOMs.

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